John T Collins Esq. founded our firm in the 1950s in Buffalo, New York. Mr. Collins was a key participant in the labor movement in New York State at the time. He continued that devotion to union causes throughout his practice. He fought for the rights of union members in all types of personal injury cases. In 1980, his son, William B Collins Esq. (Bill), joined the firm and continued to represent many union members in personal injury cases across a wide variety of trades. Bill soon established himself as a very successful trial lawyer with many, many multiple million-dollar verdicts and settlements. Over the years that practice has grown beyond just union representation such that we now handle all types of clients with all types of injury cases and vigorously fight on their behalf to achieve the best results possible.

We have clients all over Western and Central New York, and we handle injury cases across the spectrum. While we continue to represent those injured on construction sites and railroad workers injured on the job, we also handle all types of automobile and truck accident cases, premises liability cases, a product liability claims, motorcycle accidents, asbestos/mesothelioma cases, wrongful death claims, toxic tort claims, and Social Security disability claims.

Of course, our personal injury practice is augmented by a thriving Worker’s Compensation Department. In fact, many of our personal injury cases start out as Worker’s Compensation claims. These cases often go hand-in-hand, and we find that having both the litigation attorneys and the Worker’s Compensation Department in the same firm makes for an easy transition between the two and a very efficient information sharing network so that we are up to the minute on the client’s case. Our Worker’s Compensation Department continues to maintain the highest standards in serving our clients and staying up to date on all changing issues in the Worker’s Compensation Law.

We pride ourselves in our relatively small size but large scope of our trial practice. We believe it makes us flexible enough to handle complex cases that other firms are just not situated to pursue. Our experience in the courtroom allows us to focus on what actually matters in litigating a case and getting it to trial as quickly as possible. Our Litigation Department is currently headed by Samuel J Capizzi Esq., who has vast experience in litigating and trying cases of all types. Let us put our trial experience to work for you. We firmly believe that the only way to effectively settle cases is to try cases. While that may sound odd at first, we have often seen that cases settle precisely because there ready to be tried.

From our very beginning we have dedicated our practice to representing those injured by the negligence of others. We look forward to the future, and we look forward to helping you or a family member.